The Currex midlet is a Java application for mobile devices for currency exchange.

This is a development preview only, not even public beta, try it for your own risk!

Warning! Currex midlet requires a GPRS, EDGE or similar phone based data connection that offers Internet access.


Java download v1.0.4

Download the application to your computer for local (bluetooth/irda/cable) install:


You have two main options to installing this midlet to your mobile phone.
  • The easiest method is the OTA, just start your internal phone browser and navigate to the website, select a suitable variant (if unsure, select the first one with the lowest number) and download and install the software like any other java application.
  • The most confortable way is to download the proper variant to your computer and send the downloaded XXX.jar file to your device using bluetooth or cable connection.
  • For more information see this tutorial.

release notes

Website update: forum @ 06/10/2009 06:13 PM
Community discussion forum added
Currex v1.0.4 @ 06/25/2008 09:27 PM
  • quit with pound key fixed
  • currency display initialized with '1'
  • refresh fixed
Currex v1.0.3 @ 06/23/2008 12:06 AM
  • first website available version, for testing update
Currex v1.0.1 @ 06/22/2008 11:41 PM
  • first beta


Download the nightly svn backup here: currex-nightly.tgz
(0MB created: 1970-01-01)